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Catalyst Real Estate Development Academy 

Developing Future Developers

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The Program

Developing Developers

We believe we can help communities rebuild by teaching them how to physically build communities. Through our Developer Training and Mentorship Program, we give aspiring real estate professionals the tools and funding necessary to become successful developers. 

Training Courses

The Catalyst program features instruction by Joseph Bonora, President of Catalyst, along with guest lecturers from multiple disciplines, including architects, CPAs, attorneys, and other developers. The program consists of seven, approximately 60-90 minute sessions held virtually every two weeks. 

Professional Mentors

In addition to the knowledge gained through the training courses, the Catalyst team will work with program participants  one-on-one as they identify, underwrite, and begin developing their own projects. 

New York City

About the Catalyst Real Estate Development Training Program

Building communities by developing the next generation of real estate developers. 

The Real Estate Development Training Program is part of Catalyst's larger initiative to offer funding, technical, and educational support to developers and real estate entrepreneurs looking to build and invest in high-quality workforce and affordable multifamily properties located primarily in LMI communities. The training program offers online training courses and one-on-one mentorship, with funding and ongoing support available to graduates of the program. 


Expand your knowledge by watching past presentations and reading research and white papers in our curated library

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill

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